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CronaPlast introduces CronaExclusive - unique solution for external and internal decoration

CronaPlast introduces CronaExclusive - unique solution for external and internal decoration for buildings and premises.

CronaExclusive represents multifunctional decorative materials with more than 150 design options that can be mounted without using professional equipment.

Cronaexclusive panels are made of polystyrene foam with a density of 20-30 kg/m3 made of polystyrene foam with patented acrylic coating with the addition of marble chips applied to and followed by primer, digital printing and matte varnish.

Unique product features:

  • multifunctionality - CronaExlusive combines several important features of decorative materials, including insulation and alignment
  • easy installation: reduces the cost and saves time for installation, which can be implemented at any time of the year, in any weather and on any flat surface
  • the final cost per sqm including all installation expenses is 3 times lower than with any other analogous material (plaster, siding, ground siding, brick, stone, wood)
  • due to the light weight does not represent additional load on the building
  • can be mounted without using professional equipment

Key competitive advantages:

  • all products are patented (production technology, decors and the sizes)
  • does not have analogues in Russia
  • provides additional insulation (expanded polystyrene) and the thickness of the decorative coating
  • provides additional sound insulation through the use of sound-proof material (expanded polystyrene)
  • abrasion and fading resistant due to tough acrylic coating
  • has a shock-absorbing function
  • resistant to frost and heat (wide temperature range from -50 to +50 °C)
  • does not emit hazardous substances, toxic gases, odor
  • resistant to water and moisture
  • cannot be affected by the spread of fungus and mould
  • hides defects on the walls
  • easy in daily care (it is possible to use a damp cloth for cleaning)
  • wide range of collections and decors that mimic the texture of natural materials (marble, wood, stone, brick, paving). When connecting the panels, the pattern is formed into a single design
  • no artificial effect due to surface texture
7 March 2019

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