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What are the key reasons to work with CronaPlast company?
• undisputed leader in the Russian PVC panels market with proven track record of almost 20 years of continuous operations
• largest in Russia and one of the largest in Eastern Europe production site well-equipped with more than 30 modern production lines allowing us to manufacture orders of any size just in time
• impeccable business reputation proven by an extensive distribution network, which consists of the largest Russian and international dealers and DIY chains
• high quality products made of certified raw materials and state-of art European production equipment
• unique product offerings, including UNIQUE PVC panels, produced with a use of digital print and CronaExclusive, special solution for exterior and interior decoration from styrofoam
• attractive value for money proposition compared with other players in Russian and Eastern Europe markets allowing our partners to achieve sustainable high profit margins
How CronaPlast’s panels are different from other manufacturers?
  • fully automated production lines allow us to eliminate various errors such as uneven print application, different colors, dust, scratches, etc.
  • use of only high-quality certified raw materials from the best European suppliers for the production of our panels
  • best value for money proposition on the market
How to care for PVC panels?

How to care for PVC panels? Care for PVC panels is quite simple and can be carried out using any of the following tools:

  • with warm soapy water and a soft cloth (preferably lint-free)
  • with special cleaners, which are used to wash more complex dirt-grease stains, marks from the marker, etc.
  • with ammonia (10% solution) - with its help the surface of the PVC panel can return to its original color if the panel is dimmed
What is strongly not recommended to use for cleaning PVC panels?

We do not recommend you to use any of the following tools to clean PVC panels:

  • cleaning agents with abrasive and granular particles, as they can scratch the surface or create micro-cracks in it
  • metal sponges as they can scratch and damage it
  • solvents and degreasing liquid agents that can significantly impair the appearance, color and original structure
  • alkaline soap, because its use can disrupt the uniformity of the surface.
What to mount PVC panels on?
Installation of PVC panels can be carried out either on the crate or on a pre-prepared flat surface.
What is the service life of the panels?
What is the service life of the panels?
Can PVC panels be used for decoration of the bathroom and balconies?
Frost resistance of products allows to use them for decoration of balconies, loggias and open verandas. Moisture resistance, as well as resistance to decay allow use of PVC panels for decorating showers, bathrooms, swimming pools and even basements.
Should the wall be pre-prepared for the installation of PVC panels?
Special preparations only required in case if the wall surface is uneven.
How are the laminated panels different from other panels?
Laminated PVC panels, unlike other wall panels, in addition to the printed pattern have a texture that makes the picture more expressive. Also models with imitation textures of natural materials
Which means you can use for washing the PVC aprons?
To clean the PVC aprons you can use a mild cleaning means with degreasing components, for example, liquid for washing dishes.
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